Laura was aware of and exposed to a different world as a young child. Raised by her Mother and Grandmother, life was simple. Everything had a purpose, and there was an Intelligence orchestrating the universe.

Born in Oklahoma and raised around the Native American culture and traditions, Laura was encouraged to follow ancient wisdom and listen to her heart. As a result, she was never “shut down” intuitively or energetically as a child and never forgot who she was and knew there was a web of life that connected every living creature on the Earth. There was NO separation. She could intuitively see the connections and relationships in other realms.

The universe has always validated the relationships and connections in Laura’s life. Laura’s first introduction to Natural Medicine and Remedies was through her mother. Laura’s mother had been birthed by a Cherokee mid-wife who noticed her mother was born was a Caul or veil over face. She immediately dislodged it from under her mother’s chin and saved her life. The mid-wife told Laura’s grandmother to bury the Caul in a glass jar in the ground and leave it for 6 months. It would dissolve into a salve. If Laura’s mother ever got sick, she was to apply the salve on her skin, and she would be healed. She was never sick a day in her life until she was ready to transition.

Understanding how life, circumstances, events and issues are related, Laura began to study and practice a range of modalities in her life and started to later apply that knowledge when working with animals. Some of the modalities include:

  • Acupressure
  • Animal Nutrition
  • Applied Kinesiology
  • Aromatherapy
  • Color Therapy
  • Crystal Therapy and setting up grids
  • Dowsing
  • Emotional Freedom Technique
  • Essential Oils
  • Flower Essences
  • Herbalism
  • Matrix Energetics (Certified)
  • Medical Intuition
  • Meditation
  • Native American Herbology
  • Qi Gong
  • Reflexology
  • Reiki Master (Certified)
  • TTouch
  • Yoga Therapy

Laura Lassiter has worked with thousands of animals. In addition to private consultations with individuals and their animal companions, Laura also has Corporate Clients that include Veterinarians, Equine Centers, Humane Societies, Rescue Groups and Business Owners. Laura was the Animal Communicator for Big Cat Rescue in Tampa, Florida, for over two years. She worked and talked with the Big Cats on a daily basis and consulted with the founder on a myriad of issues concerning the Big Cats. This was a life transforming experience that connected her with the largest accredited sanctuary in the world for abused and unwanted exotic cats. Her work included meeting environmentalists, other large non-profit organizations, numerous accredited sanctuaries, daily exposure with near extinct species of big cats, rehab and training techniques for wild animals, a deeper understanding of the needs of wild animals as society continues to encroach upon their environments, preparation of rescuing large animals in times of disaster and understanding how wildlife uses archetypal energies.

Laura has made numerous local TV appearances talking with dogs from the SPCA of Tampa Bay to help get them adopted and ABC’s “The List.” She has been featured in two episodes of the TV series, Real Strange.” Laura has also been interviewed on several internet Radio Talk Shows.

Laura Lassiter’s traditional education includes Financial degrees where she received several scholarships for academic excellence. She also started her own Real Estate Company at age 21 and built it into one of Tulsa’s top real estate companies.

After spending months helping animals and organizations during Katrina, Laura launched her professional Animal Communication career. She is a certified Reiki Master.

Laura Lassiter donates her time to various rescue groups often talking with the rescue person as they walk “death row” in Animal Services, shelters and other facilities who have not yet adopted a “No-Kill” policy, trying to identify the needs of the animals as they await the euthanasia tables. She also does pro bono energy work on animals that are deemed “unadoptable.”

Today, Laura is a renowned Animal Communicator, Intuitive Coach and Business consultant. She offers her intuitive and unconventional abilities, extensive knowledge of energy modalities, hands-on healing, compassion, love for all life, desire to be of service and business expertise to people and their animal companions who are seeking information, wisdom, guidance, insights and alternatives to improve their relationships and lives of their animal companions. She also works with Corporate Clients to help identify campaign issues, educate and bring awareness to the public regarding the plight of captive animals living in unnatural environments, identify solutions that improve the well-being of captive animals, teaches Energy Essentials for competitive events and how to optimize personal performance levels in every area of their lives. Laura also helps people unlock their potential and purpose through her "Heart to Heart with Horses" retreats in Costa Rica. 

Laura’s intense love and compassion for animals has led her on a life-time journey that has transformed her life. She continues to study and learn the latest cutting-edge science, neuroscience, research and techniques to share with her clients.

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