A couple of years ago, my two-year old beloved kitty, Wall-e passed away suddenly. I had found him and his sister Mia under a dumpster at my work. When I took them to the vet as 3 month old kittens, the vet informed me that they both were most likely born FIV positive and was unsure how long they would live or how healthy they would be. I gave them excellent vet care and made sure they were both totally healthy but after two years, Wall-e fell ill and passed away quickly. After his death,I had a rough time coping with the sudden loss and his sister Mia was very depressed from the loss of her beloved kitty brother.

I researched to see if there was a way I could know how Wall-e was doing after his death and if I could communicate with him some how and find out what happened to him. This is what caused me to find Laura. I emailed Laura and she agreed to meet me at my house in Tampa, Florida, and connect with Wall-e and see how he was doing.

Our first meeting was amazing! She assured me he was doing well and picked up on every single one of his personality traits. Talking to her and having her communicate with Wall-e provided me with the comfort I needed to accept his new transition and know he will always be with me.

Laura also communicated with Mia and informed he she would like another kitty companion and she offered to help me find the perfect match for Mia.

I stumbled across Danny Boy who was also an FIV + boy kitty in need of a forever home. Laura communicated with Danny and made sure it was a perfect match. She helped Danny and Mia adjust to each other and they became perfectly bonded.

Two years later, Danny suffered from severe stomach problem and had been in and out of vets’ offices. Despite us doing every test, taking every pill and treatment, my little Danny Boy was hanging on for dear life, and I was all out of options. I contacted Laura to help me and understand what he was feeling and going through.

Laura did a number of energy sessions on Danny over a course of a few weeks and instantly he started eating again on his own (after not eating for months on his own) and he gained all his weight back and stopped throwing up. In a few months he fully recovered—this is all because of Laura energy sessions! Danny should have died at this time in his life and but with Laura’s help, he pulled through and I got to spend another incredible year with him. He passed away a year later due to the same stomach issues but Laura allowed me to have one more year with him, and I will be forever grateful. She also helped me when my kitty Mia passed away—she was able to communicate with Mia and have Mia let us know when it was the right time to go, and she was completely right and picked up on exactly how Mia was feeling.

I have now recently adopted two kitties from a shelter named Bert and Eevee, and Laura helped me connect with them to make sure it was a good match. A few weeks into having them, Bert fell very ill and the vet diagnosed him with pancreatitis. Bert stopped eating and was in very much pain. The vets informed me that if he didn’t start eating again on his own, he would die as there are no treatments for pancreatitis, only supportive care. I was out of options, and I called Laura to see if she could help me. She helped me right away, and the same day she did an energy session on him he started eating again and regaining his energy. A few days later he was eating fully again and no longer in pain. She helped me find a food that would help his pancreatitis and now Bert is doing very well! My girl kitty also had an eye infection that Laura also helped heal and now she is all better!

Laura has been working with me and my cats for many years now. She is always available, and I have gotten to know her over the years. She is one of the kindest, most giving people I’ve ever met. I am so incredibly grateful she has helped me with all of my cats, and I now have so much of a deeper understanding of their needs and feelings. I can’t imagine my life without Laura helping me with my cats! I can’t recommend her services enough, and I will continue to work with Laura as long as I have cats!! :)
— Sara & Selena Razack - Los Angeles, California

I recently had the pleasure of experiencing Laura Lassiter and her wonderful gift. One evening in September, my 9-year-old cat, Jasmine, got out of the house and didn’t return home. I placed an ad in the newspaper, contacted the local veterinarians, SPCA, the microchip company and distributed flyers. After weeks of searching, someone told me about Laura and provided me with her contact information. When Laura linked with Jasmine and began relating to me what she was receiving, I knew without a doubt that she had connected with my cat. The personality traits and the animal’s thoughts she was describing to me were so much my Jasmine not to mention recent changes in Jasmine’s life that she was complaining about to Laura. Laura was able to obtain very specific information as to her location even to the extent of the description of two houses she had been staying around that were only a couple of blocks from our home. She was even able to provide a portion of the house
number. The detail was amazing!
— Katharine Mitchell - St. Petersburg, Florida

One evening on a walk with our 18-month old kitty, Mini, started to act extremely scared and tried to run back to our house. When I attempted to pick her up, she attacked me violently, truly like a terrorized soul that had to fight for her life. She managed to break free of us and ran into the preserve behind our home. We searched for her for hours on end with no luck. I called Laura the next day after we had spent the day clearing the brush and wading through muck and asked if she could help. We got together on a phone call the next morning, and she led me to the spot that Mini had run into the preserve and said that we would find her harness a short distance into the brush. (Before I spoke with Laura, my husband and I were going to resume the search at the opposite end of the woods and would probably not have found her.)

Within 2 minutes of Laura’s direction, our friend who was helping us, found the harness. We were amazed. After a few questions talking with Mini, Laura said Mini could see the color pink (my t-shirt was pink) and could hear my voice but like it was far away and kept saying she was still on Earth. Laura told us the direction to proceed and again, my friend found Mini but sadly, she wasn’t alive. Due to the suddenness of her death, Mini didn’t realize that she was no longer in the living world and needed help to move on. Thanks to Laura, she led my friend who found Mini in a prayer that released Mini’s spirit from her body and allowed an easy transition into the other side.

If not for Laura, we never would have found our beloved little girl. She would have never had the chance to move on, and we would have always wondered where she was. Laura is truly a blessing.
— Kim Loughlin - Palm Harbor, Florida

My heart is light, and I am filled with extreme joy. You have been on my mind every single day since we spoke. You gave to me a gift that nobody could have ever given to me. Your insights and gift to communicate led me down a path to where I am, and I don’t know how or if I can ever repay you for what you have done for me, Brooke, Alana, Dave and Flour.

She is doing sooooo much better. We are still continuing the fluid visits, and she has another blood test next week. I do believe he is going to be happy with the results because she seems to be right back to her old self. Brooke looked me square in the eye after my talk with her and said, ‘This positive energy better work!’ Flour just did something she hasn’t done in awhile and it caused me to say ‘FLOUR!!’ (she began scratching the kitchen chair) and Brooke said ‘Leave her alone she is feeling better!!!’ I looked at her and laughed then agreed.
— Jean Kelsey

Thank you for my new dog. The only problem is that I cannot tell enough people about you and the work that you have done. I had two people this weekend ask me for you contact information. One couple are friends of my parents that have 3 standard poodles that they rescued and another gentleman was in line at the grocery store and he overheard me telling the clerk, who also works at our vet’s office, about the transformation of Callie. Please send me the links to your website and the best contact information for me to use when referring someone to you. I still want to get together with you again so Lisa and I can learn to proper communication techniques to use with Callie.
— James G. Huhn, RFC, CSA, LTCP Seminole, Florida

Laura has been an integral part of our team at Big Cat Rescue since May, 2006. In that time, she has relayed many things about the 100+ big cats at the sanctuary that no one knew but me. She told me that a Snow Leopard named Hercules wanted his statue back but had no way of knowing that as a cub (7 years before Laura ever visited), he used to sleep on a concrete statue of a lion in my bedroom. Only one photo of that unusual behavior existed and it had been in my closet and never displayed. His statue was promptly returned to him.

Laura has used her communication skills to assist us with so much more critical work as well. Spaying a big cat is a dangerous endeavor as they will gnaw at the metal staples causing great peril to their health. The staples come out in 10 days when the sutures have healed enough to hold. Every day Laura would talk with Sundari and praise her for leaving her staples alone. Now, Sundari, the leopard proudly shows every guest that walks by her beautiful belly, as if to remind us all that she didn’t touch her stitches.

Recently, two aging Canada Lynx told Laura that they wanted to live together again. They had been separated, after an awful fight five or six years prior. Laura had no way to know that they used to live together and no reason to think that a normally solitary animal would want company. The cats were recently reintroduced, and this was the report from one of our volunteers who witnessed the reunion:

“They were both in their respective enclosures, when all of a sudden Shatia started to walk (with a definite purpose) towards Dances With Wolves’ enclosure. She passed through her new attached area and then into Dances’ new area. She sniffed around and pee’d! Then, without any hesitation she headed for Dances. All this time Dances was watching Shatia, completely unperturbed. Dances did not move (but I did!). They both looked at each other and walked towards each other, s-l-o-w-l-y (but then again, I’ve never seen either of them move quickly!) – They rubbed noses!!! I could not believe my eyes (which were filling with tears). They didn’t make a sound, not a hiss, spit or growl.

The sight of their first encounter will stay with me always. It was like they were saying “welcome home, friend”. - Barbara
— Carole Baskin, Founder Big Cat Rescue 12802 Easy Street Tampa, FL 33625 www.BigCatRescue.org 813.920.4130

Laura Lassiter is the clearest animal communicator I have ever worked with. She has the unique ability to totally tune into an animal to hear their thoughts and speak their truths. Laura is very different from other animal communicators because she works with different modalities which gives a person the total picture of what their animal feels, needs, and wants. Laura is a very clear and precise communicator and does not have to be in the physical presence of the animal to talk to them. She can tune into an animal anywhere in the world.

My person experience with Laura is a wonderful one. Once Laura spoke to my animals, they became more relaxed and happy ! And in learning from Laura what my animal’s specific needs are, makes for a much happier household for not only my animals, but for myself too. Anyone who has a session with Laura will not be disappointed, but possibly surprised at how much our animals do know, how they say it, and what they do ask for when they have a person such as Laura that not only can speak to them, but also hear them.
— Kaylie Brooks Clearwater. Florida

I’ve had the joy of the companionship of 7 Great Pyrenees over the last 20 years, but my last 2 are so challenging that I was ready to try anything to help them behave. I knew that Savannah’s issues were due to situations encountered before I adopted her from the breed rescue group, so discipline was not the answer. Tyrnan’s problems seemed to stem from him thinking he was part beaver and determined to eat every piece of furniture that I had.

Nothing seemed to work until I had a visit form Laura. I’ve never seen my dogs respond to anyone as they did to her. You could almost see the relief from Savannah when she realized she had a forever home and didn’t have the anxiety of being alone anymore or fear I would send her away if she had an accident. Tyrnan stopped chewing immediately when Laura pointed out that I didn’t care if he chewed up his own toys, just leave the furniture alone! There has been a great change in Tyrnan and Savannah’s behavior. Both have been calmer as has Rico, my bird. Both of them finally understood where their boundaries lay and were able to let me know what they needed from me. The most important thing in communication is to hear what isn’t being said. Laura is the conduit for that communication, and I will be forever grateful for helping my “kids”, and I be able to finally hear one another. Thank you for all the incredible help and support you’ve given me . I truly don’t know what I’d do without you. You’re such a treasure. Thanks again, Laura.
— Lori Fricker St. Petersburg, Florida

Anyone who loves their animals should experience the insight into their thoughts and feelings Laura provides. It truly is an amazing gift! We were astonished when our rescued, stray cat Flurry, came right up to Laura, stayed by her the entire time and let her pick him up. He is terrified of strangers and always runs and hides even for hours after they have left. He was very aggressive toward us and our other pets, but after a session with Laura, we gained understanding into his background, and how our behavior toward him was exacerbating the problem. We are giving him more love and he hasn’t attacked any of us! Flurry also had an issue with his litter box and as Laura was telling me about it, he came in to demonstrate the problem! Right on cue. It was amazing!

Laura tapped into our dog Riley’s personality right away. He usually barks nonstop at strangers, but warmed right up to Laura. Sushi, our skinny kitty with the poor appetite, told Laura he hates chicken and only wants fish. Now, he has a voracious appetite. The proof in her ability was in the way our animals responded to her. Her insight has allowed us to improve their environment both physically and emotionally granting them a more enjoyable quality of life, which is the least we can do for all of the endless joy the provide us!
— Brigitte Ajluni Odessa, Florida

I can’t thank Laura enough for the “peace” she has given my household. With two dogs and three parrots, my house was a zoo to begin with. However, when my daughter returned home to live, along with her two cats, my little zoo turned into a war zone. Her Siamese, Grace, was, and I hate to say it, a “psycho kitty,” and would not let anyone hold her. She would scratch, hiss and bite if anyone tried, including my daughter. The other kitty, Camille, who had lived with Grace her whole life was traumatized by her to the point she would not come out from under the bed.

Laura was amazing. She tuned into Grace and Camille (from another location, no less) and discussed with them thesource of all their anxiety. Grace made it apparent that she wanted to be the “only cat” and was tired of sharing my daughter. If she couldn’t be the “only cat” with my daughter, she wanted to stay at my home so she could be the “only princess,”… and little Camille just wanted Grace to like her.

When I got home that evening, my daughter was excited. Apparently, Grace had actually crawled up next to her for a bit of loving. From that point on, the whole household dynamic changed. Grace knew she could stay with me, and even though Camille was still in the house, she knew at some point she would once again be the only cat. Camille was happy that Grace was being nice to her, and often, before my daughter moved out, they’d cuddle together.

Laura was their therapist. Just giving them someone to talk with, changed all of our lives. THANK YOU, LAURA!!!!
— Dixie Clark Dunedin, Florida

I recently enrolled in Laura’s Animal Communication class. I was so impressed with her abilities to connect with animals that I began to recommend her to everyone. Laura also visited my home and talked with my cats, Mewsic and Summer, who are brother and sister. That was so much fun as Laura told me what they thought of each other and of me. She was able to give me some pointers on how to help Mewsic with some physical issues, help both of them with some anxieties, and recommend some food which they dearly love.

I also had the opportunity to accompany Laura as she worked on a number of my friends’ pets, and the information she gleaned about everything from their food being wrong for them, to the unhappiness at losing a pet friend was just so informative. My friends all have a whole different way of looking at and treating their pets, now realizing how these wonderful animals have all the emotions that humans have and are more than just possessions.

I continue to recommend Laura to everyone I meet who could benefit from her expertise. She is certainly a wonderful gift to all of us as she gives voices to our animal friends.
— Judith Sanders, Registered Bach Flower Practitioner Seminole, Florida

Laura is the real thing! I am a pet sitter and have run into difficult situations with animals. I just didn’t know what to do. Laura with her kind, caring and insightful information… with a good dose of humor helped me understand what was going on with these animals and has made me feel like I am a better pet sitter for it. For instance, one dog wouldn’t go outside and urinate, and I was getting paid in order for this dog to relieve herself. Within an hour and a half after speaking with Laura, when I visited the dog, she relieved herself. I could hardly believe it!

I have also talked with Laura regarding my own cat. It’s so much fun to find out what the animals are saying. I am looking forward to learning and growing more with the help of Laura, and I know these animals are better off also. Its a win/win situation.
— Chris Barlow Tampa, Florida

As an animal communicator, Laura saved the life of my beloved female Chesapeake Bay Retriever, Sugar Bear. Upon meeting Sugar Bear and communicating with her, Laura discovered she was in the early stages of ovarian cancer with no outward symptoms other than Laura seeing it with her inward vision.

Laura advised me to take Sugar Bear to my veterinarian as soon as possible. I did so immediately and upon examination, Sugar Bear’s condition was confirmed by Dr. Benham. Sugar Bear was scheduled for surgery, the cancer was removed, and she made a complete recovery.

Sugar Bear lived for many more years until her death at age 15. I owe the precious additional years I enjoyed with her to Laura and her miraculous abilities and love for animals.
— Don Russell - Tampa, Florida

Laura has been helping with my two cats for less than a year, but her accuracy and helpfulness have been amazing since day one. Both my guys were shelter rescues that were ill and over medicated as kittens. I cared for them in a preventative, traditional, and eventually, holistic manner, and by age two, they were still not healthy. Laura knew she was my last hope and was very patient and thorough with us. First, she accurately described their personalities without having met them.

What totally blew my mind was when she told me, “They know you like dogs more than cats.” I had NEVER said that in my home to anyone because it was true. My dog died, and I was more familiar with caring for dogs than cats. I loved my cats, but didn’t understand them well enough. Laura has helped me become a better pet owner.

She also found a weak kidney in one of my cats and explained how that was related to fear. Energetically, she knew which cat had heat deficiency and which one had excess heat in the kidney meridians. She explained techniques to remedy that, and they helped. She also explained the correlation between the energy imbalances and the animal’s high-strung personality. Six months later, that cat had physical symptoms of bladder problems and was diagnosed with urinary crystals.

She has taught me many animals display their owner’s symptoms. I didn’t fully grasp the depth of that until recently. My stress turned into frequent anxiety, and when I noticed that I developed bladder issues, the light bulb went off in my mind. After addressing my fears and my anxiety, my physical problems subsided. I now look to my cats’ behaviors as a litmus test for what is going on in my life. Laura has shown me that when I take care of myself, my cats directly benefit.

I am an educated and analytical person. I cannot totally explain how Laura does what she does. I just know it works, and I am grateful for her abilities. She has reminded me that our beliefs need to expand and elevate. We are immeasurably lucky she is here.
— Sandra Starr - St. Petersburg, Florida

Thank you so much for the session on Sunday. I don’t think I can ever repay you for what you have done for me and my babies. I cannot tell you how different I feel from before our session yesterday! What an amazing process! I am talking with everyone at home. Babette is making as much progress as anyone. Jackson has a real hard time letting go of his anger, but we are working on it. I spend a lot of time with Madeline telling her all will be okay and that she does not have to fret over me. Gwendolyn is fine and happy with whatever occurs. She is definitely a what is is girl!

I am watching your video off your web site now. I just got this and have scanned over it, and you are so right on target it is not funny.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
— Lisa Shaw - St. Petersburg, Florida

Thank you so much Laura! We appreciated your visit and have a whole new respect for Twoke. She already had our love, but I know that I look at her in a whole new way. I have confidence that she and I can continue to communicate! She is doing wonderful and has been very social. She has never liked my nephew, and I believe that is her angst. She has been an extremely good girl, and I have been praising her (verbally and mentally), and I believe she really appreciates it! I trust in your advice and am very confident in your abilities. I will pass the word!

It was my pleasure to meet you!
— Pam Stott - Palm Harbor, Florida

It was an experience indeed, and I feel a bit wiser for it. Rebel had a vet appointment this morning, and I told him before hand that was where he was going. He seemed all excited to go. Dixie has seemed more calm the last few days. Thank you for your expertise and insights. My sister and I really had our eyes opened.
— Joyce Goralski - Seminole, Florida

Not too long ago, I had Laura meet my 71/2 year old Doberman “Mike”. He’s a healthy dog with an abundance of energy and enthusiasm that never seems to wane. He’s always been a little on the “needy” side and at times whines incessantly. I wanted to see if Laura could maybe work with Mike and help to ease his anxieties. She spent an hour with us and described him as if she’d known him his whole life. She gave me several recommendations and ideas onwhat I could do to help make him a happier pet. She also recommended I put him on a Bach Flower remedy which he has been on for about a month now. I still have half the bottle left to give. I placed him in agility classes which he truly enjoys, and I’ve given him various jobs to do which helps to keep his boredom to a minimum. I have to admit that he’s a much happier pet and seems to have very little anxiety left. I expect that will also fade as he finishes his remedy. I also feel that we understand one another much better now. I’m very thankful for Laura and her knowledge of animals. I know she’s helped Mike and myself tremendously.
— Carol Shannon - St. Petersburg, Florida

Bella seems to be doing much better, and people have even commented on how gentle and quiet she has been. Thank you. I have been referring you to others.
— Barbara Leone - South Pasadena, Florida

Just wanted to thank you and send you great blessings… You opened my heart yesterday, and I wanted to just say THANKS…. I hope we can stay in touch and meet someday. My God bless you in your ventures and support all that you are doing…. You’re pretty awesome :) Misty had a little playfulness in her last night, and I relaxed with her. We just played. She loves to be touched so I gave her my cat massage that she loves…. thank u….

With Love,
— Jerome - Indian Rocks Beach, Florida

Here are some of the changes we have observed concerning Misty:

She is sooooooooooooo much calmer now. She does not hover over or follow Macey like she did after the attack. She kisses the others multiple times a day, especially Macey. It is almost like she is apologizing. When she walks into a room, the others don’t scatter. When she lies down next to Macey, Macey doesn’t move away. She and Macey have been sleeping together lately. After the attack, if she walked up to Macey, Macey moved to another bed or went into another room. Also, all four of them have been piling on the beds together in the living room. She doesn’t jump up from a deep sleep and charge towards them (especially Macey.) She comes and goes without the others jumping up or cautiously watching her. Maxwell is not on guard with her much at all now. He used to watch every move she made. Her tail has been wagging almost non-stop when she is around the others and us. She doesn’t seem to want to intimidate them anymore.

I’m sure that I have forgotten something, but as we observe other behavior changes in her and the others, we will let you know. Maxwell is so chilled out lately that it is almost like he knows everything is going to be alright. Poor baby, he has been on 24/7 guard duty for months. He sleeps so soundly lately that we know he is finally relaxing about things.

What you have done for this family has gone way beyond our expectations and we cannot thank you enough. We now use time frames as “before Laura” or “after Laura” to refer to the behavior characteristics of the kids. Hope you’re not offended……

Once again, thank you for sharing your special talent and knowledge with our family, and we will talk to you later.
— Lacey Williamson - Orlando, Florida

I want to thank you for all of the insight. You couldn’t be more on target. What an amazing developed gift you have. I didn’t see Gabby for an entire day after you left. You indicated that she wouldn’t be around. As I pulled out of the driveway with some concern for her, she comes strolling towards me with another cat. At that time, I placed a red collar on her neck as you told me she wanted. Without resistance she accepted. She still has it on with no bother which is something she has never accepted. The others are doing well. Harry seems somewhat relaxed, and the girls just hang. Harry actually knocked both of the girls off of the bed with authority the other night. That was unusual. I was proud, and I think he was too and probably thankful that Sugar didn’t try to kick his butt.

Thank you once again for the valuable information you have shared.
— Michaela Hames, R.N. Manager Clinical Operations - St. Petersburg, Florida

Jeno’s Journey

For the first time in a decade of owning retired racing greyhounds, two of my greys got out our front door quite by accident late on Friday, April 20, 2007. I managed to get one back, but Jeno, my 11 year old timid and extremely “people shy” boy, got spooked when a neighbor let out a laugh just as he was almost back within reach of me. He bolted and was gone in the blackness of the night. I immediately notified my Florida adoption group since he still had his Florida ID tag on. I searched alone until 3:30AM. Tired and desperate, I came home to post a frantic email for help to the 2 greyhound adoption groups in my area. They were out within two hours (at 5:30AM) of their notification to help begin the search. About 3000 flyers were posted, contacts by the dozens (schools, Animal Control, City Halls, Police, vets, Firemen, EMT’s, postmen….the list is quite long………EVERYONE we could think of. )

Finally, about mid-week, after endless excruciating hours of searching, my Florida group asked me if I had considered using an animal communicator. My immediate answer was YES, and that I had already been considering that option seriously. Within a short time, I was speaking with Laura. She was incredible. Without knowing anything at all about Jeno or his past, she absolutely nailed not only his personality and history, but also the terrain and area I live in, and the obstacles I was up against, etc. She was always to the point, telling me immediately that he was still alive and basically uninjured. She was confident and caring and so amazingly accurate in everything she told me, right down to describing specific locations and specific events that would lead to Jeno coming home. She was always patient with me, and understood my urgency as well as my feelings of panic.

On Thursday evening, six days after Jeno went missing, I found myself in a location that not only had Laura described to me, but one from which I had actually envisioned myself while attempting to find Jeno. Buildings were correct, right down to the exact color; other structures were correct in shape, size, and height; natural elements were correct; EVERYTHING was exact to Laura’s descriptions. While I was at this particular location, my cell phone rang and it was Laura. She told me that Jeno had indeed been in the area, and that he was trying to make his way back home. She had mentioned in an earlier conversation that the number “3” was vital to Jeno’s capture, and at that moment, she emphasized the need for him to try and overcome his fear of strangers and trust his instincts that the right person/people would lead him back to me. While I left without Jeno in my arms that night, I spent a very long time talking with Laura, getting more information and encouragement from her. During the conversation, Jeno told her why he ran away. He was helping me discover my life purpose, and this was a necessary step. After I “got it”, Jeno said he was coming home. She told me she felt strongly that he would be home by the end of the weekend, but even more specifically, that Friday would be the day……

As Friday morning dawned and I proceeded throughout the day, a sense of extreme urgency loomed over me that I could not explain. It got stronger and stronger as the day progressed. At about 1:30 PM, my cell phone rang. It was Animal Control, and the woman on the other end of the line said that someone had spotted Jeno! After a couple of wrong phone numbers and what seemed like an eternity, we managed to figure out that the call came from our realtor and her two team members! My husband just “happened” to have taken the day off work, and quickly met up with the three of them and two volunteers who were in the area assisting with the search. To make a long story short, after one week of traveling the entire perimeter of the city, Jeno was captured!!! Our realtor and her team brought him home! He was tired and thin, with a couple of worn pads, but otherwise very healthy, just as Laura had stated.

We were extremely fortunate, and I still stare at him in disbelief that he’s home and is nearly his old self again, one week and two days after bringing him home. Many people were involved in Jeno’s journey, and Laura was there every step of the way from the moment she became involved. She provided a link to Jeno that no one else had. I am still amazed at her incredible gift of communication and accuracy. She was truly one of the many miracles I experienced during the weeklong ordeal of Jeno’s absence. She truly has an amazing gift, and one I will be forever grateful for.
— Tonya Beader - Springhill, Tennessee

When I look into my dear little doggie’s eyes, I always wonder what is she really thinking? If I pick her up wrong, and she squeals, what did I do to hurt her? As a pet sitter, there are very stressful situations that the pet or even the owner doesn’t understand what is going on in those little minds. Well, I found the answer to all of my questions.

I met Laura Lassiter through my friend, Brandi. Brandi and I met at the shelter in Monroe, LA, working with the rescued dogs from Katrina. The energy we had together was astounding. As we discussed positive thinking and energy, Laura became our topic of discussion. I knew I had to meet this animal communicator and really see for myself if I got the positive energy from her. I must say at first I was overcome with the energy she carried, and I backed up and got a little confused until I needed her for an over an aggressive dog, Callie. Callie was either going to make me or break me. She was terrified each time I went to visit her, and I really believed she could have taken my arm off. By this time, Laura had helped me with several other clients, and I knew I had to get her involved.

Not only did she help diffuse the situation and get to the bottom of her aggression, I now have a friend for life. When I visit her now, she runs to me and licks me and is so happy to see me. Now I know for a fact, Laura can help us when we need her most and don’t understand what our pets are trying to tell us. And best of all she can help transition sick animals so we don’t have carry the guilt around with us not knowing if they really needed to take their life to the next level.
— The Fairy Dogmother - Seminole, Florida

I had the pleasure of meeting Laura many years ago in an elevator. During the ride down, she shared with me amessage from a loved one who had crossed over. I had been carrying around a lot of guilt over this crossing, blaming myself for over 10 years. I will admit that this encounter took me completely by surprise! A week later, I contacted her as it was time to let go of this turmoil buried deep inside myself. Within one session, I was able to release all the grieve and guilt associated with the death of my child. This session was held at my home where I then discovered that my animals, all had something to say to her! I was besides myself thinking, what incredible gifts this woman possesses!

Over the years, I have taken in quite a few rescued animals. Each and every time, I booked a session with her to find out what the animal had been through.Once again, each and ever time, she was able to help them adjust and enabled them (a parrot, dog and cat) to become a loving member of our household. Most recently, I have acquired a horse named Ashford. Over the past few months, he has become unmanageable and very frustrated. Once again, Laura was able to help me understand what was going on with him and why he was displaying this behavior. He even shared with her that thrush was beginning to set into one of his back hoofs.

Laura, I will never be able to thank you enough for all the wonderful ways you have helped me and my pets over the years. Ashford and I both thank you from the bottom of our hearts! Please don’t ever stop doing what you do!
— Rene Trebing - Clearwater, Florida

I first met Laura when she came to have a talk with my 9 year old cocker spaniel, Dillon. In a year’s time, he had lost his two cocker buddies to old age. Dillon loved people but didn’t like animals outside of his pack. My husband and I thought he would be happy being an only dog with all the attention but he seemed lonely. I wanted Laura to ask him if he wanted company, and if so, help us choose who that should be and help with the transition since Dillon had attacked other dogs that were brought into his territory. Turns out, Dillon did want a buddy as long as it was a female and he could be Top Dog. Laura also informed me that the dog I had always pictured/treated as a mischievous little boy had the personality/voice of a male chauvinist and that while he loved me, he didn’t respect me. What an eye opener! About 6 weeks later, with Laura’s “blessing”, we rescued 2 cocker spaniels – a male and female (they were a package deal). Dillon had no problem with the female but Laura helped the two boys work things out, and we had a loving pack again.

Dillon started showing signs of not feeling well in May. He cut back on his food – very unusual because food was a huge issue with him and would fall way back on walks. He started having back issues too. The vet was stumped (was it a stomach or a back issue) and said “if only they could talk”. I contacted Laura and Dillon told her it was his back, and Laura told me that his Liver enzymes were elevated. It was no surprise to me that when the blood work came back form the vet that the liver enzymes, in fact, were elevated. The vet suspected liver cancer but Laura never picked up cancer on him. There was no cure if it was cancer, so we treated him with antibiotics for the only other possibility, which was an infection. In June, my 5 year old little girl, Callie Jane started having the same symptoms as Dillon. We took her to the vet and she was diagnosed with liver cancer. Laura did see that for her before we took her to the vet and unfortunately, we lost her a few short weeks later. Dillon, who had seemed to rally, gave up the end of July, so we had to say goodbye to him just three weeks after losing Callie Jane. The autopsy on Dillon suspected cancer but was inconclusive, so I can appreciate Laura’s intuition even more. I can’t tell you how much Laura helped us through those very dark months. She was a calm, encouraging, and reassuring voice when our world was caving in on us. She helped us know that both kids were ready to go, making our decisions to let them go a little bit easier. I can’t thank her enough.
— Sunny McCoy - Seminole, Florida

The word wonderful is one that can take on many definitions. I am always taken back and in wonder of you and your abilities. Such grace, it’s like breathing for you, walking into a situation, place, lives and being able to reveal this energy that exists. There has never been anyone I have met that leaves me wanting to know soooo much more without draining you of you essence. What I want to say is Thank you. Laura, if I could give to you an ounze of what you unselfishly have given to me, I would do it in a heartbeat. Life has spoken to you and you have listened. The body you exist in looks and seems much stronger, and the mind is all together a constant teletype sending messages with rapid succession. You are without a doubt one of the most remarkable humans I have been privileged to meet, you inspire me, and I thank you. I also appreciate you sharing your thoughts with Sally during Cody’s transition. You helped me and helped my sister her.

— Linda Palm - St. Petersburg, Florida

We met in the John Chestnut Park about 10 days ago. I was walking my dog Rio up on a flatbed cart… Thank you so much for the words of encouragement! Rio has gotten better every day after you worked on her. At first, she started having a less convulsive gate with the sling I made; next, she was able to walk 10′ before collapsing. We progressed to 30′. She re-learned how to get down from the cart, then she could squat without collapsing. One day she got up from her sleeping pad and came to greet me at the door (I can’t explain my joy!). Today, we went for a walk in the park. I’d say she walked 1,000′ before she wanted to go up on the cart. I had thought she was going to be a paraplegic dog… You gave me hope that what we were doing could benefit her and I am sure the energy transfer you gave to her was what turned it around. Thank you so much!
— Silvia Borges & Rio - Tampa, Florida

Before meeting Laura, a chiropractor was treating my shoulder for two months on a weekly basis without much progress. A chronic pain and stiffness had been present there for many years. Laura chose the Matrix Energetics Technique which was the gentlest treatment I have ever experienced. Also, she intuitively and correctly, identified an emotional problem that I was carrying in that area of my body. Following Laura’s treatment an immediate shift took place. My shoulder was completely pain free, and I felt a strong emotional balance. In addition, I experienced an incredible wave of creative energy, intense concentration and was eager to start every day.

Thank you Laura for your Sincerity and Light!
— Irina Moldovan St Petersburg, Florida

One of my clients was going to put her 17 year old mini maltese down after she got home from Christmas vacation. Chloe had a big tumor in her ear. She went blind -had a big ulcer on her eye, was deaf and turning 2 inch circles while she stayed with me for Xmas. I begged the lady to talk to Laura but she didn’t have time. Luckily Laura worked with me, and she told me Chloe was NOT ready to go. Today Chloe’s tumor is gone. Her ulcer is gone. She walks around my house like she owns it. I still keep her here daily (as her pet sitter) and now she is my angel baby. I take care of her daycare for free. I can’t help it. When my friend’s schnauzer was sick, Laura helped her transition her dog before putting him down. She told her things that the dog wanted her to know and that he was ready to go. That to me is worth all the money in the world. Anyway, Laura is wonderful.
— Jenny Albert - Tampa, Florida

I’m sitting here next to the dog that, two weeks ago, could hardly get himself onto the bed without my help. He just pulled Rich all over the neighborhood, and then came in and darted from one end of the house to the other, jumped OVER the ottoman and onto the couch, jumped from the couch to the loveseat and over the back of it and then ran into my room and jumped onto the bed by leaping over the footboard! It’s so awesome to have a little bit of my old boy back!! I don’t know how Laura did it but she gets the results! Thank you so much Laura!
— Brooke Arnold - Clearwater, Florida

I wanted to share my story about Chester with you. In the 4 years that he has been with us, his twice a month baths have never been a fun activity for him. When we first adopted him, he would react fearfully to the water and the hose. Trying to give him a bath in our shower stall was even worse. My husband would have to carry Chester into the shower and then Chester would walk in circles and tremble while I tried to give him a bath.

Ater your first visit and the help of the flower essences, Chester was taking his baths much better. This week, I decided to try using the shower again. On Tuesday night, I told Chester about the bath. Wednesday chestermorning, he watched as I got his towels and shampoo ready. Then, I stood in the shower and called him over. My husband was ready to pick Chester up but to our surprise, he just walked right into the shower stall. He stood still with no shaking while I gave him the bath. We told him what a good boy he was, and he seemed very pleased with himself.

It is in the little things, like this bath, that we see the big changes in Chester. Thanks to your help, Chester has been able to overcome the pain of an abusive past and move forward in his new life with more confidence and joy.
— Christine Swoboda - Tampa, Florida

Thanks again for your help with Josephine. Dr. Kohut rechecked Josephine, remotely from her home, Tuesday evening based on your findings. We started treating her for chemicals that you saw in her body that are causing problems. She still has some of this, so we are continuing the herbal cleanse.

Dr. Kohut also found ecoli and Herpes II. She was surprised you named a specific virus, but we are all happy to report that you were right on! So now we are treating her with specific nutritionals for the virus and bacteria. We are giving her 1/2 valium at night to help calm her down and help with bladder wall spasms.

We plan to recheck her in 3 weeks. Thank you for helping us pinpoint the problem and for your words of encouragement. It sure helps to know that we are all in this transition time together.
— Jill Stephens - St. Petersburg, Florida

As a pet sitter, having Laura’s help in communicating with the pets I take care of has been a Godsend. A wonderful example is a cat named Bijou. Her “Mom” travels twice a year, and I have been her pet sitter for over 4 years. Bijou has always given me very mixed signals. Sometimes, she would greet me at the door, acting very friendly one moment and then growling the next. Many times, she would hide under a comforter, growling when I came into the room.

Laura had come to my home for a session with my pets. I asked if she could talk with Bijou also. After Laura talked with Bijou, we found that she was very angry about being left alone. Acting the way she did to show her displeasure with the situation. That morning, I had given Bijou a new treat. She described the treat in detail to Laura and said that she liked it. We told her that I would bring more treats and talked about what was bothering her. The next morning, I went to pet sit Bijou and a friendly, playful “new” cat greeted me at the door. She was happy to see me,, rubbing against my legs and my hand with no growling! in 4 years, I had never really been able to pet Bijou but now I can pet her from head to tail and listen to her purr with joy.

When Bijou’s mom came home, she found a changed cat. Bijou was calm (as she usually cried for hours the day her mom came home) and let her mom hold and carry her around, not typical behavior before. Only after Bijou’s mom told me about the changes that she saw in her cat did I tell her about Laura’s talk with Bijou and the results that I had seen. Bijou is a very special kitty who, like all of us, just needed someone to listen. Once you do that, doors open up to a whole new world.
— Susan Bartlett Tampa, Florida

John and I are stunned and wondering where our crazy puppy is. It has been 8 hours since you left, and Raider has not tugged, chewed, bit or barked at us once, has been an obedient little guy on each of his walks, was very polite after his dinner and during ours, and has only sat at our feet or nudged us if he wanted something. Who is this dog??? I am so happy I could cry, and John is stunned but will only admit “he’s enjoying it while he can.” Hudson has been calm and relaxed. Just thought you would like to know how Raider did even before you tuned in to him again. I can tell you it is so strange, he is being a perfect angel! Thank you so much!
— Tracy Ritacco - St. Petersburg, Florida

After suffering a traumatic head and neck injury from a car accident whole on the job and other major life changes, I sought the healing help of Laura Lassiter through the recommendation of a trusted and dear friend. What a turning point in the right direction for me to help me heal not only physically but also emotionally and spiritually. Through the process, I found Laura to be incredibly helpful, healing, comforting as well as inspiring which lifted my bruised heart and mind. At one point, I felt abandoned by God but Laura gently reminded me to keep the faith and know that God has great plans for me because “I AM a beloved daughter of God.” When Laura is working on you, she gives you 100% of her time and energy. It is evident that while this is Laura’s called purpose to help so many that are hurting, our four legged children included, what she does at the end of the day is truly an act of love towards God’s creation of humans and animals. I am forever thankful for Laura’s help during this very challenging yet enlightening time in my life and I am a better woman for it. But this is not the end of my journey with Laura as I know that I will have a life-long connection with Laura.
— Shannon Edge - Tampa, Florida

My heart is light, and I am filled with extreme joy. You have been on my mind every single day since we spoke. You gave to me a gift that nobody could have ever given to me. Your insights and gift to communicate with Flour led me down a path to where I am, and I don’t know how or if I can ever repay you for what you have done for my family. There were things you told me as we talked that only Flour knew because I know I never told you about them.

She is doing sooooo much better. We are still continuing the fluid visits, the heat to her kidneys with our gel pack, and she has another blood test this week. I do believe he is going to be happy with the results because she blackcatseems to be getting right back to her old self. As a matter of fact, I just had to shout at Flour for digging her claws into our kitchen chair and scratching it!

I had to write. I had to express my thanks again, and I need you to understand how grateful I truly am. She is healing and is showing us that. I do believe you played a HUGE role in that Laura. It is what it is. Thank you for being you and reaching out while I tried to hold it all together. God sent you to me when He did. That is what I believe. You made a difference and huge impact.
— Jean Kelsey - Hartford, Connecticut

First, let me state I am a small business owner, who comes into contact with all sorts of individuals on a daily basis, both general public and vendor related interactions, so I believe I have a keen sense of being able to pick up on a person’s sincerity when dealing with them.

I was desperate for some relief from a situation involving our household felines. After 18 years of having fur children in our lives, this had never presented itself before. I had heard of an individual that had assisted a Receptionist of one of my Doctors with a problem she had with her family dog.

So, with Laura’s name and phone number in hand, I contacted her after noting that she had been working with Big Cat Rescue as an Animal Communicator. Familiar with Big Cat Rescue, I felt even more comfortable in making that first call as I knew that BCR would not use someone that was un-reputable, let alone have them connected to their website.

Laura made arrangements to come to my home at my insistence (because she can accomplish much without being on site I later learned,) and immediately was swarmed by inquisitive kitties, even the feral female. She sat catsdown and began to interview them for personality traits that were confirmed by either myself or my husband, and she was able to remember all of their names (6).

I won’t belabor the point here with all that was accomplished that afternoon, but to make a long exciting story short, Laura was able to solve our initial problems and has attached other areas of concern that we did not even know we had. Amazingly, even Gracie, our feral child, now sleeps on the bed and with great care on our part has allowed us to cut her nails. Can I have an AMEN?

We strongly recommend you allow Laura to come into your lives……!
— Tricia Nuckols - Largo, Florida

I wanted to say thank you for taking your time and driving the long distance to visit me and my kitties and for all your help. We all enjoyed visiting and talking with you. You are AWESOME!!!!! I went grocery shopping and bought Jane some diced hame (she told you she liked it,) and some ground beef, which she also ate, which surprised me because in past times, I have offered her beef and she would not eat it. Hope that made her happy and she won’t complain about the menu anymore. I was sure relaxed and slept very well last night after your energy work on me. Thank you again.
— Aspasia Becatoros - Clearwater, Florida

Lannah is keep her word with you. She comes out more often and is much more loving and her “free” self. I haven’t seen that part of her since Luke joined us, and I am ecstatic. I can’t thank you enough for all of the help you have given us all. I personally haven’t been this happy in months and hope for quiet in the future. It is wonderful you are willing to share yourself in such a way.
— Sandra Kolvenbach - St. Petersburg, Florida

Wow! We appreciate everything you are doing for the kids and us. We have definitely seen improvements in Play!!! Thank you so much. We feel like we are getting our baby back. Everyone is so relaxed around her, and we have harmony back in our home thanks to you. Here are some more changes we have seen in Play: She does not hover over or follow Mazie like she did after the attack. She kisses the others multiple times a day especially Mazie. When she walks into a room, the others don’t scatter. When she lies down next to Mazie, Mazie doesn’t move away. They have been sleeping together. She doesn’t jump up after a deep sleep and attack the other dogs. She comes and goes without the others jumping up or cautiously watching her. Max is not on guard with her much at all now. He used to watch every move she made. Her tail has been wagging almost non-stop when she is around the others and us. She doesn’t seem to want to intimidate them anymore.

What you have done for this family has gone way beyond our expectations and we cannot thank you enough. We now use time frames as “before Laura” or “after Laura” to refer to the behaviour characteristics of the kids. Hope you are not offended…We know you are busy and appreciate the amount of time you have already spent helping our family.
— Donna Williams - Tampa, Florida

Laura…Praise the Lord! Chloe very calmly walked into the living room last night. She tried to sleep on the bed with Forrest, Princess and me. I even got to pet her for a little while. Chloe won’t leave Forrest alone so finally Forrest just got angry and ran Chloe off. I have put her food under my bed. Thank you so much for all you have done for my entire family!
— Karen Swatzel - Lutz, Florida