A private phone session is an Animal Communication session with your animal either by phone or using Skype. There is no difference in the effectiveness of your communication session whether you choose to talk over the phone or talk via Skype. You would e-mail Laura a picture of your animal companion if you choose to connect via the phone. You will make arrangements to exchange information with Laura if you want to connect via Skype for your animal communication session.

If you do currently do not use Skype and would like to download it, you can visit the Skype website http://www.skype.com/ to sign-up and download their software to use their internet services. Skype is often a good solution for clients dialing in for Animal Communication services outside the US since Skype has inexpensive international calling rates. (Clients are responsible for any and all long-distance charges.)

Animal communication is a language in which time and space do not exist. It is a method of communication in which information is conveyed telepathically. It is a multi-sensory experience in which feelings, words, smells, visions and knowings are expressed from one heart to another heart. It is an energetic connection which accesses the intuitive heart intelligence. It typically is not logical; however, it does make sense once we allow the animal to share with us what is bothering them. They will give us insights into a big picture that will unfold in which all the fragmented pieces of inappropriate behavior, feelings, health, performance, misunderstandings, upsets, grieving and aggression can be understood and resolved.  The immediate effect can be a modification of their attitude and behavior as the animal is truly set free of the emotional, mental, physical and/or spiritual issues that they had been struggling with inside.

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