Energy sessions are done long-distance. Laura uses a variety of techniques that include:

  • Crystal Therapy and Creating Crystal Grids

  • Emotional Freedom Techniques

  • Matrix Energetics

  • Qi Gong

  • Reiki


After discussing the needs of the animal that desires energy work with the client and talking with the animal about their preference of modalities, a session will be scheduled, and a program will be designed.

The energy modalities Laura use embrace the mystical and magical Tree of Life, the foundation for energy work. Ancient traditions reference this well known tree. It has different names in religions and cultures but all agree that every aspect of the tree itself are symbolic as the source of life. 

Laura has found it very helpful using the Tree of Life symbol with clients in helping to explain:

  • Cellular memories such as post traumatic stress (The foundation)

  • The layers of issues involved (The number of branches)

  • Support for the body (Branches reaching out for sustenance)

  • The flow of energies (Acknowledges relationship and connection with Heaven, Earth, and the four directions in which all things flow)

  • Priorities the body has, and the pathways that are open to receive the energy (The foundation or physical element)

  • Organs that require strength (Spiritual and emotional point of view)

  • The elements that are involved (Earth, Air, Water, and Fire)

  • Transformations as the energies are balanced

  • Well being restored as the stressors are cleared out of the energy fields

What You Can Expect During and After an Energy Session

On the day of the scheduled session, your animal needs to be in a quiet place where they can rest and relax. It will feel like a day at the spa and generally, they will be very quiet, relaxed and sleeping more than usual. Laura works in the quantum fields so the results are real-time. Changes can generally be seen at every level, physical, mental and emotional during and after the energy session. The energies are subtle, and Laura helps the client to recognize changes in intensity and frequency of the conditions being worked on to balance. Work is done at the cellular level where memories are transformed. What was, now isn’t.

Recommendations may be suggested after an energy session that can include:

  • Essential Oils

  • Flower Essences

  • Nutritional Supplements

  • Dietary Changes

  • Environmental Changes

  • Energy Shielding and Protection Devices

  • Quality of Water Being Used

If you would like to read more about the possibilities of working with Laura, read more tesimonials.

Animal or Human Energy Session for $60

About a year ago, my 13 year old dog, Meika, really started having chiropractic and pain issues. She is aggressive and has high anxiety, so I don’t have many options for care. Friends of mine had introduced me to Laura for her animal communication skills. I called her to see if I could get more information about Meika’s pain level and areas of pain. Laura identified the 3 main pain points that I had already known were the major issues (one of which is quite atypical.)

Laura offered remote biofeedback energy work. I thought: How can that possibly work? I was aware of biofeedback but only with machines that hooked sensors up to the person. Could this really work remotely? I didn’t have any other options (at this point, I couldn’t get Meika into the car,) so I figured, what the heck. To say that I was skeptical is an understatement. However, I am a believer in Reiki and other forms of energy work so I figured that there was not much to lose and if it worked, it would be huge.

Well, it was (and continues to be) HUGE. I could tell by the way Meika was walking and panting less that her pain level was greatly improved. I was gob smacked!

Since then, Laura has been working on Meika on a regular basis. I have seen a remarkable shift in Meika’s anxiety level. Her pain and inflammation are generally under control.

Around Labor Day, Meika got some sort of infection that turned septic almost immediately. We woke up one morning, and she couldn’t stand or walk. First, I called the mobile vet and then I called Laura. Between the two of them, Meika survived. I didn’t think she would. Laura worked on Meika almost around the clock. I sincerely believe that I would have lost Meika had it not been for Laura. She dropped everything to help us. I couldn’t have asked for a more supportive or caring friend.

She has worked on me as well, and I believe that overall, I am a calmer, more positive person.

I have referred Laura to several friends as well. I certainly would not do this if I didn’t believe she could help them.

Even after all I have seen, I am still skeptical. In my cynical little brain, it is always possible there is some other reason for the improvements I have seen – and yet, there is no explanation other than what she does WORKS.

Bernie Bishoff
Nottingham, Maryland

Since my very first interview with Laura Lassiter on The Organic View Radio Show in 2010, I have been amazed by her genuine love for animals and compassion for people. Laura has been a featured guest on my show many times and has provided her expert advice on topics such as: understanding your animal companion’s body language, alternatives to flea and tick medications, nutrition to understanding the relationship between animals and humans. Recently, Laura connected with my listeners about the Taiji dolphin slaughter and helped people to understand that in order for change to happen, we must educate each other and take a positive approach if we wish to bring about change.

On a personal level, I will forever be grateful for Laura’s immediate help regarding my beloved cat, Bella. She was hurt in an accident and Laura immediately began to work on her. Bella has recovered fully thanks to Laura’s vast knowledge and gifts as a healer. Laura Lassiter is someone that I greatly adore, respect and am proud to call a friend. She is a truly remarkable human being who continues to work relentlessly to heal the world.

June Stoyer
New York, New York

Thank you for helping May and Rain with their issues. May no longer shakes when I leave the house for work. She and Rain tolerate thunder storms and loud sounds better than before-not quite 100% but close. May is her usual self now, playing and even singing with me, which she wouldn’t do right after Rob Died. Rain has started kissing me. She was never able to do that before. What a difference!

Elle Ruck
Odessa, Florida

Laura was helping abused animals with her talents at the time I first met her. When the puzzling behavior random barking began with my own dog, “Camo,” I tried several remedies such as Bach Flowers, Homeopathics, calming music and behavior modification. The barking continued to escalate at every sound, stranger and at “nothing at all.” As a holistic veterinarian, I was both troubled and perplexed at her lack of response to my efforts.

Laura communicated with Camo, and she relayed events to me which there was no way she could have known. She was able to explain the “why” of the barking and able to make an immediate positive change! She has given me tools to help manage the behavior but for now, I need her periodic tune-ups for Camo. I feel lucky to have crossed paths with Laura and have told family, friends and clients about her unbelievable gift.

Betsy R. Coville, DVM, CVA, CVC and “Camo,” the grateful Pittie
Lutz, Florida