As a young girl, I believed everyone talked with animals. It was only as I got older, and people would ask me the question, “When did you know that you could talk with animals?” My response was, “When did you forget you could?"

Animal communication is a language in which time and space do not exist. It is a method of communication in which information is conveyed telepathically. It is a multi-sensory experience in which feelings, words, smells, visions and knowings are expressed from one heart to another heart. It is an energetic connection which accesses the intuitive heart intelligence. It typically is not logical; however, it does make sense once we allow the animal to share with us what is bothering them. They will give us insights into a big picture that will unfold in which all the fragmented pieces of inappropriate behavior, feelings, health, performance, misunderstandings, upsets, grieving and aggression can be understood and resolved.  The immediate effect can be a modification of their attitude and behavior as the animal is truly set free of the emotional, mental, physical and/or spiritual issues that they had been struggling with inside.

Common themes or issues that are frequently addressed and/or deeper insights that are brought to the surface during an animal communication session include:

  • Connecting with an animal in spirit that has crossed over

  • Is the animal ready to cross over?

  • Preparing to help your animal companion cross over

  • Grief counselling

  • Spiritual counselling

  • Specific issues related to the aging process

  • The life purpose of your animal companion and how that is connected with you

  • Medical intuition that can assist a Veterinarian

  • Help for rescue animals

  • Animals new to the household

  • Past history of the animal

  • Lost animals and why they left

  • Issues between other animals in the household

  • Behavior issues such as inappropriate elimination and spraying

  • Hierarchy of the animals in the household

  • Compatibility of choosing a new animal companion with other animals in the home

  • Reincarnation issues

  • Identifying stressors affecting the animal

  • Toxic environments

  • Human relationships and/or behavior affecting the animal

  • Unintentional assignment of jobs for the animal

  • Unexplained behavior

  • Food choices that are not biocompatible with the animal

  • You have an animal companion who competes and has anxiety before competition

  • Improved training techniques and awareness

  • Major transitions in caregiver(s) life and how that is affecting their animal companion

  • Review of supplements to identify biocompatibility

  • Resource recommendations including energy techniques

Animal communication can also open possibilities for the caregiver(s) to transform their lives. The animals often mirror or reflect us energetically, and the animals will be very clear where the problem lies.  Often what the caregiver(s) thinks is the problem for the reason they think it is the problem isn’t the problem at all as we communicate with the animal. As the human begins to see the situation from the animal’s perspective, shifts in their relationship can manifest.  Now there is a common ground from which they can move forward in harmony and cooperation. There is an understanding in which compassion influences the caregiver(s) thoughts about their animal companion(s) issue(s) whereas before the communication was facilitated, there was stress, frustration, confusion and anger.

Resolutions after an animal communication session can include:

  • General relief resulting in behavior modification

  • Improved performance from the animal

  • Better health

  • Clear the core issues at the root of the issues whether mental, physical, emotional or spiritual

  • Empathy for what the animal has experienced

  • Understanding the household dynamics

  • Enhancing the Animal Human Bond

  • Seeing things as they are, not what we think they are

  • Present moment awareness

  • Options for resolution of the issue

  • Imbalances are now balanced

  • Feeling empowered that caregiver(s) can help their animal companion(s)

  • Confidence knowing it’s the right time to make difficult decisions

  • Peace of mind for the caregiver(s) knowing they are doing everything their animal companion(s) wants for a happier life

  • Knowing the caregiver(s) is doing what the animal wants

  • Caregiver(s) has entered a new world of infinite possibilities

You do not have to wait to contact an Animal Communicator as a last resort if you have physical, mental or behavioral challenges with your animal companion(s). Animal communication is our birthright. It is a natural way of interacting with another species. The key is remembering. You need not learn anything, only practice in discerning the universal language. If you are ready to deepen your connection and relationship with an animal, I offer a variety of classes and weekend workshops in Beginning and Advanced Animal Communication, Beginning and Advanced Energy Techniques, Connecting with the Consciousness of the Big Cats, Optimizing Performance Levels, Crystal Balancing, Flower Essence Therapy, Energy Clearing and Grounding Techniques, Communicating with Animals in Spirit, Essentials for Competition, Essentials for Therapy Animals, Beginning and Advanced EFT Techniques, Intuitive Development and Connecting with Your Power Animal. You can also continue your journey of accessing the intuitive intelligence of the heart by attending one of my workshops or retreats. I invite you to connect with me as I share stories and insights via my monthly newsletter.

If you would like to experience animal communication yourself in a session with your animal companion(s), I would welcome and love the opportunity to be of service to both of you.