What if . . .

Everything we have been taught and believe about animals is wrong? How would that change and transform our beings and our world?

In ancient civilizations, animals were worshipped. These civilizations consulted the wisdom of the animals when people wanted directions, advice and guidance in their lives. Cultures paid tribute to and symbolized their connection with the animals as they built statues of them guarding the most secret entrances to sacred spaces. Even before recorded history, recent discoveries such as Gobekli Tepe, have pillars decorated with animals indicating cultural memory, and a symbolic world that existed in society approximately 12,000 years ago.  Did these animals represent animal totems? Perhaps they protected the people who visited or lived there? Is it possible these ancient people knew something about the animals we have forgotten in our modern world? Why did our ancestors respect and honor the animals instead of viewing them as possessions or objects with no feelings as our current world treats them? Why did they have such a close connection and treated them with such respect? One thing is certain, the archeologists agree these pillars portraying animals were NOT there by a random event.

Another interesting fact about Gobekli Tepe is the artifacts have provided information about ancient burial traditions. They believed in a ritual called “burial in the sky” and was portrayed on the pillars. This ritual involved laying the body of the person who was deceased in an open area for a raptor to consume, thereby enabling the soul of the person to be carried into the sky. The question we have to ask ourselves is, “Do the animals help our souls in some way not only to transform but to transition when we leave our physical bodies?”

What if there is a connection between the skies, and the interesting fact that out of 88 of our modern constellations, 42 of them are animals? What if the constellations are higher representations or energies of their earthly counterparts? What if the animals use those higher energies and awareness in their daily lives? If they do, how can we learn to use those higher energies? What if they have never forgotten their connection to Source Energy or the Divine? What if the animals have been and still are serving humanity not only as teachers, healers, and protectors of our souls but also as evolutionary partners guiding us to expanded awareness and consciousness?

Could this expanded awareness explain the fact that animals tend to survive disasters whereas humans often perish? Do they have information that is outside of our normal ways of thinking about time and space? Would this information help us to know and/or develop our intuition? Is it possible their deep intuition is key to their knowing? How useful would that information be in our modern world where events and disasters are happening quicker than our minds can process?

The stress we are experiencing as time appears to be collapsing, the choices we are being asked to make in split seconds, our old ways of existing and being that are disappearing every moment of the day are leaving us, as a collective, searching for new ways that are not only sustainable but that are also cooperative, compassionate and being able to coexist in a new world that is emerging as the old one disappears.

What if we could gain insights and make better choices by reconnecting with the animals as our ancestors did? What if we could remember our ancient connection with their wisdom and intelligence? What if we could access their intuitive heart intelligence that allows them to BE love and know what to do? What if we could work together as one to change the destructive path we have been on and thereby change our destiny? What if they could help us to become better human beings? We have only temporarily forgotten what has always been. We can rediscover the ancient wisdom and intuitive heart intelligence of the animals through animal communication. Join me as we journey into the magical place of an animal’s heart and mind. Allow them to teach us how to see, feel, think and BE with our hearts. As we do, a bigger picture will emerge as we begin to remember who they are, and awaken to who we are.

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