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Have you been wanting to tap into your intuition to know the right choice to make? Are you exploring the power of intuition? Are you wondering how valuable intuition is during these exciting, rapidly changing times? What is your intuition trying to tell you? Which type of intuition can you connect with on demand? Which type of intuition can you use for animal communication?

This one hour VIRTUAL, LIVE webinar is an incredible opportunity to learn and experience:

  • What is intuition
  • Different types of intuition
  • When intuition can be an unrecognized source of stress
  • How to access different types of intuition
  • Where intuitive information about a future event is registered in your body
  • What type of intuition to use in animal communication
  • What type of intuition can you connect with on demand?

Class starts at 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm EST.

The 3 types of intuition will be discussed in detail and examples of each will be given so you can experience and start to discern the different types.

This webinar will be recorded in the event you cannot attend the LIVE event. An email containing the link will be sent 24 hours after the webinar ends. You can listen to it at your convenience.

Laura Lassiter has been communicating with animals and the spirit world since she was born. She was never “shut down intuitively” as a child and retained her natural abilities that allowed her to communicate with and bridge different realities. Laura has worked with thousands of animals. She was the Animal Communicator for Big Cat Rescue over two years where she worked and talked with the Big Cats daily. Laura is a renowned Animal Communicator, Intuitive Coach, Energy Healer and Business Consultant. She offers her intuitive and unconventional abilities, extensive knowledge of energy modalities, hands-on-healing, compassion, love for all life, desire to serve and business expertise to people and their animal companions who are seeking information, wisdom, guidance, insights and alternatives to improve their relationships and lives of their animal companions.

Price $19.00

Earlier Event: October 28
Later Event: November 18