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Introduction to Communicating with the Big Cats


Have you ever wanted to make a heart-to-heart connection with a Big Cat? Do you believe it is possible to learn how to talk with the Big Cats? What are the Big Cats saying? Is talking with Big Cats different than with our animal companions?

The Big Cats have been waiting for us to talk with them! This 1 ½ hour VIRTUAL introduction class to Communicating with the Big Cats is an incredible opportunity to have some of your questions answered about the Big Cats. In this introduction, we will:

  • Learn how the Big Cats communicate 
  • Secrets the Big Cats want us to know
  • Discover how to make a heart-to-heart connection with the Big Cats
  • Talk with one of the Big Cats at Big Cat Rescue
  • Experience a guided meditation that allows you to energetically feel a connection with the Big Cats

Laura Lassiter has been communicating with animals and the spirit world since she was born. She was never shut down intuitively as a child and retained her natural abilities that allowed her to communicate with and bridge different realities. Laura has worked with thousands of animals. Laura was the Animal Communicator for over two years where she worked and talked with the Big Cats daily. She is a renowned Animal Communicator, Healer, Intuitive Coach, and Business Consultant. She offers her intuitive and unconventional abilities, extensive knowledge of energy modalities, hands-on-healing, compassion, love for all life, desire to be of serve and business expertise to people and their animal companions who are seeking information, wisdom, guidance, insights and alternatives to improve their relationships and lives of their animal companions.