Animals Acting As Mirrors

I had just started communicating with Rain, a cute, small short haired cat, when I asked her if she had any problems. She immediately showed me her pancreas. I could see two small growths and asked her if she was ready to leave her physical body. She gave me a resounding NO and then looked at her guardian.

I never discount what I hear, see, smell, taste, know or feel during my conversations with animals. It all means something in a big picture. I often ask the client to help make sense out of what the animal is sharing if it doesn't make sense to me so we can understand how to be of service to the animal. On a few occasions, the animal will give me information but my sense of it won't be exactly what they appear to be conveying. Such was the case with Rain. I knew she showed me the growths; however, I felt there was more to the story and kept asking her questions.

I was sharing with her human about the growths when I heard in my heart to ask her if she had been to the doctor recently. She told me it had been years because she didn't like doctors. The more Rain and I talked, the more the client responded, "You're describing me!" It was then I knew she had to go to the doctor as soon as possible in addition to taking Rain to the vet.

Two weeks later, she called and told me the doctor had found two growths on her pancreas. She wasn't sure if they were cancer, and they were performing more tests in the upcoming weeks. She was in shock when she found out because Rain had told us she herself, had two growths on her pancreas in our session two weeks ago. I asked if we could talk again to discuss the situation and the following week, we began the education that allowed her and Rain to heal. Nine months later, tests on both the client and Rain came back with no growths. 

Most of my business involves what I call "mirroring." Animals are very sensitive and absorb energies that are in their environments, both positive and negative. The mirroring is not limited to physical ailments. It can also include behavior. For example, during the holidays, it is easy to be stressed. We tend to act out, and we can revert to inappropriate behavior. The next thing we notice is our animal companion is acting weird and behaving inappropriately. Sound familiar?

An animal will reflect you back to yourself. It is an opportunity to examine yourself and heal on a profound level. When the mirror appears, instead of being upset with your animal companion,  transmute the energy and use it as a jumping-off point. You will not only transform your life but also your animal companion's life. In Rain's case, it saved her and her human's life.

©Laura Lassiter 2016 All Rights Reserved