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Manifesting with Animal Spirits

Live Teleclass-6 weeks

How can connecting with Animal Spirits transform our lives? Can they help us to improve our lives? Do I have to be psychic to work with the Animal Spirits? How do I know which Animal Spirit can help me manifest what I want? Will I know what the message is from my Animal Spirit?

At the end of 6 weeks, you will:

  • Learn the basics of the electromagnetic fields of humans and animals
  • Be introduced to a little known type of intuition 
  • Experience different states of being (energetically)
  • Know why certain animal spirits come into your life
  • Discover how to attract the animal spirits you require at any moment in your life
  • Learn how to connect with animal spirits
  • Discover the 3 elements to manifest in the new world
  • Understand how to align with the higher energies of animal spirits to manifest
  • Become aware of the energetic blockages to manifesting 
  • Work with animal spirits to clear energy patterns inhibiting manifesting in the higher frequencies
  • Exercises and techniques that you will practice during the 4 weeks on how to work with the animal spirits
  • Experience step-by-step guided meditations with animal spirits


Client Testimonials About Laura

“Laura Lassiter is the clearest animal communicator I have ever worked with. She has the unique ability to totally tune into an animal to hear their thoughts and speak their truths. Laura is very different from other animal communicators because she works with different modalities which gives a person the total picture of what their animal feels, needs and wants. Laura is a very clear and precise communicator and does not have to be in the physical presence of the animal to talk to them. She can tune into an animal anywhere in the world.” Kaylie Brooks Clearwater, Florida

“Laura Lassiter has the ability to translate something that is complicated into a simple language that can be applied in your life. I was finally able to understand higher concepts that I had read about all my life because she explained them step-by-step in very simple terms.  I can’t thank her enough for her teaching abilities for anyone at any age.” Karen Swazel Lutz, Florida

Later Event: May 20
Messages From the Rainbow Bridge