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Messages From the Rainbow Bridge

Do you ever wonder what happens to your animal companion when they cross the Rainbow Bridge?  What is the process of them leaving their physical bodies? What do they do after crossing over to the other side? Do you have closure in their passing? Are you still looking for explanations of why they left? Could you have done anything different that could have kept them here? Are they pain free and at peace?

This 1 ½ hour VIRTUAL class is an INCREDIBLE OPPORTUNITY to hear MESSAGES FROM THE RAINBOW BRIDGE. The animals want you to know:

  • The process of leaving their body and crossing the Rainbow Bridge and what happens
  • What they are doing on the other side
  • 3 Common signs from the other side when they are communicating
  • Why they left
  • 3 Signs of their return

Laura Lassiter has been communicating with animals and the spirit world since she was born. She was never shut down intuitively as a child and retained her natural abilities that allowed her to communicate with and bridge different realities. Laura has worked with thousands of animals. In addition to private consultations with individuals and their animal companions, Laura also has Corporate Clients that include Veterinarians, Equine Centers, Humane Societies, Rescue Groups and business owners. She is a renowned Animal Communicator, Healer, Intuitive Coach, and Business Consultant. She offers her intuitive and unconventional abilities, extensive knowledge of energy modalities, hands-on-healing, compassion, love for all life, desire to be of serve and business expertise to people and their animal companions who are seeking information, wisdom, guidance, insights and alternatives to improve their relationships and lives of their animal companions.

Price $39.00