Crystal Connections

Crystal healing is by no means a New Age phenomenon. Whether they are used for healing, as religious icons, as philosophical symbols or technological devices, crystals permeate the entire span of human history, forming an undercurrent that unites all societies and cultures across this planet. Crystals are completely fundamental to our daily lives without most of us even being aware of it.

Crystals form naturally in the earth whenever conditions allow. Depending on the pressure and temperature at which the crystal was formed and the nature of the liquids and gases from which it was born, the crystal may end up as any one of a huge variety of different types. It will always keep its perfectly stable, orderly atomic stucture. They are considered to be the most stable and unified matter in the whole universe.

Crystals can be used to direct, amplify, absorb, reflect, clear, transform, transmute, balance and focus energies. This means it is always advisable to have a clear intention for the results of any crystal healing work.  Since crystals can also act as a storage battery for information and energy, it is also advisable to cleanse and recharge them on a regular basis. The most common technique is to place them in the sunlight for several hours.

The impact of crystal healing is felt right down to the cellular level so the stones can even be used to help unhealthy cells move towards a state of health. In this situation, your intention could be for systemic detoxification as well as helping any non-healthy cells move towards health.

Each crystal can have a number of different healing properties and quite often, a number of different crystals can be useful for the same specific condition. I have made a list of the crystals I use most frequently in my energy work with animals below.

Amber-Generally healing on all levels. Dispels negative energy, calming, kidney and bladder issues.

Amethyst-Pain relief. Separation anxiety. Grief. Allaying fears.

Blue Lace Agate-Calming, cooling and soothing. Good for overly vocal or heated animals.

Citrine-Use for being overwhelmed. Boosts immune system and good for kidney/bladder conditions.

Clear Quartz Crystal-Cleanses, purifies, rejuvenates system and is good for inflammation.

Rose Quartz-Helps abused or abandoned animals. Reduces fears and brings forth love.

Smoky Quartz-Use for stress, grounding, calming and soothing.

Herkimer Diamond-Enhances animal communication.

Selenite-Useful for all types of abnormal cell growth.

There are so many different ways of using crystals to help animals heal. One of the best is to place them somewhere within the animal's energy field. Be careful they don't take them in their mouth. Some are toxic so check before using any crystal and do not allow them to lick or mouth the stone. You can also affix crystal pendants onto their collars, zip them into their bedding or simply use them when giving your animal companion a massage.

Crystals are a gentle, holistic non-invasive way to help heal animals by shifting their energy-physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. As an animal communicator and healer, I feel it is an absolute necessity to have these wonderful healing tools on hand at all times.

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