Why Cats Spray

The dread appears on your brow as you open the door to see what your cat companions have left you during your stay at the office. Your nose detects immediately the scent of urine as your heart sinks, knowing that same familiar tune has just repeated itself. Someone has requested, "Spray it again, Sam."

There are many possibilities why cats spray. It is always a symptom of something that goes deep within a cat's being.

  • One of the most obvious issues is a medical problem. A visit to your vet will quickly determine if your animal companion has a bladder or urinary tract infection. Either of these conditions can have various triggers that will initiate an infection. You may want to check the kind of litter you are using or the location of the litter box, the number of litter boxes, the diet being fed to your cat, any supplements, excessive licking in the genital area, and examine any emotions involving fear and anxiety, as these are stored in the kidneys and bladder according to Traditional Chinese Medicine.
  • We have forgotten the nature of cats. They have been domesticated and as a result, have adapted to our imbalances and lifestyles which are often in conflict with their ancestral needs. This is information stored in their DNA. For example, this can manifest as needing their own territories and space. Sometimes space is a premium, and they are trying to communicate to the other cats, "This is mine."
  • Problems can also arise when there are unresolved emotional issues such as fear, insecurities, resentment, anger, hurt feelings or the inability to be who they are. The guardian will also be frustrated and angry because of the constant cleaning. Their emotions will be conveyed to the animal only making the situation more intense.
  • Competition and the desire to be the "top cat" often leads to spraying. A cat's desire to claim you also results in spraying if they perceive another cat is trying to take you away from them. They may spray something that has value to you. A cat is generally only trying to defend itself. Energy work or flower essences will heal and eliminate these unbalanced emotions.

If this same tune has been playing at your home, have hope the song is changing. Keep everything as clean as possible during the process of their healing. Start by observing this behavior from a different perspective and release any expectation of coming home and finding someone has requested, "Spray it again, Sam."