Biographies That Will Never Be Best Sellers

The End Of the Story

As was the custom, the entire family, after which had served its useful purpose for profit, was led to slaughter. Not even the young ones were spared to make room for the new generation. A new era had begun. THE END.

It has been 11 days since the Global March For Lions has taken place. An event that brought worldwide awareness to the plight of lions that are farmed, bred and discarded to the highest bidder with no chance of escaping their imposed fate. The March also brought to light the declining numbers of lions existing in the world today and that they are facing extinction. It has been 2 days since the Copenhagen Zoo proudly announced the killing of 4 healthy lions to make room for a strong, healthy male lion.  Zoo Chief Steffen Straede is quoted as saying, “”He is a beautiful young male and I am certain he will be an impressive ambassador for his species.”

Rationale Behind Killing the Lions

This “generational shift” is being defended by the Copenhagen Zoo as a necessary course of action due to the “natural structure and behavior of the pride.” The Zoo further defends their unconscious decision by explaining “it wouldn’t have been accepted by the pride if the older male — aged 16 — were still around.” In addition, they went on record saying the “young lion cubs were not spared because the new male would have killed them anyway.” Does this line of thinking sound familiar as the zoo recently defended their decision to kill a healthy young, male Giraffe named Marius, whose life was stolen and then dissected in front of young children at the zoo?

There are several glaring issues that need to be addressed concerning the policies and procedures recommended by AZA (Association of Zoos and Aquariums),  WAZA (World Association of Zoos and Aquariums) and EAZA (European Association of Zoos and Aquaria)  in their treatment and welfare of animals. The issues that are not so obvious and won’t be found perusing their guidelines concern the lack of awareness who the lions, as well as who animals are in general and their role in our lives at this critical point in history.

Are We Ready For A Generational Shift in Perspective?

From the zoo’s perspective, it appears the lions represent nothing more than biologies, animals who are profit centers owned as property. As with property, when it is no longer attractive or its purpose has been served, it is sold or discarded with little sentimental attachment. Unfortunately, our society views and thinks of animals as property, whether they are wild or domesticated. We do not recognize every living creature has a unique purpose to fulfill and it is NOT to serve at our convenience or pleasure. When we are confused about who an animal is, we see nothing more than a biology; however, when we remember and recognize who animals are, we begin to ask questions about their biographies. We want to know more about them. We respect them and develop relationships.

Humanity, as a species, is beginning to awaken and remember our relationship with animals. We are recognizing they are sentient beings with deep and complex emotional lives. They are intelligent and have an ancient wisdom that is desperately needed now. The animals have their own stories that are often older than ours. We are waking up to the reality there is a web of energy that connects all of life that the ancient beings knew and wrote about. Every time an animal is killed, whether for sport, pleasure, population control or just because, we have not only lost a chapter in the web of our own life but a biography that will never be read.

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