Can Cycles Predict the Future?

The Grass Is Greener

“It is greener, Shadow. The grass is definitely greener on the other side.” As I continued to plead my case to the majestic cougar standing in front of me, he sat down and quietly stared into my eyes. “No, it’s not,” he replied. Now, it was my turn to sit down and get a closer look at the two enclosures. Shadow patiently waited for me to examine his Cat-A-Tat at Big Cat Rescue. His big, beautiful brown eyes followed me as I leaned towards the other Cat-A-Tat. I thought Shadow must be colorblind. That’s the problem. He started to lie down and go to sleep, totally bored with my line of thinking.

Understanding The Process

“You will begin to understand that everything is a process. It’s not that the grass is greener on the other side but there is a cycle that is involved with everything everywhere. It’s only a matter of time before my grass is greener. Think in terms of cycles, and you will see things differently.” I took a deep breath and began to ponder Shadow’s wisdom. How does Shadow know these things?

Recalling Ancient Wisdom

As I thought about his words, I recalled ancient wisdom my granny had shared with me as a child. “Eternity’s timing involves cycles, sweetheart. There is a season for everything. It’s challenging to know the cycles unless you watch for the signs,” she said. Granny started to teach me how the animals would communicate the invisible to us to give us information that would be needed in the future. For example, we would know there was going to be a hard, cold winter when the horses would “hair up” or grow extra hair to protect themselves against the bitter winds they knew were coming in the next cycle of winter. It was as if the horses could read the weather.

How quickly we, as a society, have forgotten the wisdom of cycles. It is the Divine’s timing and that timing is deep within our being. We have forgotten that timing and what information the cycles are giving us because we have become dependent upon external timing and artificial information. As a result, we have disconnected ourselves from a way of life and a consciousness that has served us well for eons.

Animals give us clues about where we are and what we can expect in the future. It’s the listening and discerning the communication that is the key to knowing what to do and how to prepare for what lies ahead. Cycles inform us of an on-going process of change. Cycles allow us to know what has worked in the past and what has not. Without the knowledge of cycles, we find ourselves not understanding our relationship with our bodies or our environment. I began asking how we can work with the animals in order to know what our future holds.

Living in extreme times as we find ourselves today, is it possible the animals are helping us to remember ancient wisdom that has laid dormant within us that is greatly needed at this critical time in our history and if so, is this another forgotten cycle?

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